Want to generate leads and attract links? Use the EGO BAIT CONTENT strategy

Ego Bait Content Strategy – When it comes to bringing high quality links point to your site it could feel as if you’ve tried everything but no luck. if you are running out of thoughts (or only are not seeing the outcome which you would like), it might be the time when you get creative and think outside the box.

ego bait content strategy

Keep reading the article and you will surely have a sound idea of the ego bait content strategy we said we will be discussing. To start implementing it onto your website and business to get that extra edge over your competitors.

First things first, what exactly is ego bait content?

The name says it all (ego bait) in other words “stroking the ego” of the influencer or website owner you desire a backlink from. Further breaking it down in easiest and simplest words then the term “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” fits perfectly to this concept.

Producing content normally attracts a wider audience, whereas, it methods requires an extremely concentrated and personal approach. The key here is currently producing content which oriented around a particular person, company etc.

Just how can EGO Bait Content Work?

EGO Bait content is a good example of the human psychology and marketing may intertwine to attract in a few pretty astonishing (and lucrative) results.

Site owners and influencers desire to be known for their achievements, skills. By linking them together with your own audience, you motivate them to talk about your content with their particular audience as well as connect to it on their website.

This material may take the form of commending their work, such as refer them as a “best of” article, having an interview, which says, “You are wonderful. this is why” etc. The opportunities are endless.

There are many kinds of ego bait as well as the strategy everything is dependent upon whom your targeting and how. More importantly what is the reason for targeting, is it just a link back, a lead or perhaps both.

Kinds of EGO Bait Content

Before leaping in to producing the content; what’s more important is to remember that it you need to put the recipient in front and not the link building need in front. EGO Bait content that is successful is private, concentrated, and intentional.

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The main kinds of this type of contents are:

  • Interviews
  • Round up Posts
  • Listicles
  • Directories
  • Awards

To further discuss these mentioned kinds in detail.

1. Interviews

Having interviews lets you put them in the spotlight, which surely is a moment everyone loves to have (mostly). After all, getting in front of the maximum people and making them hear your point is what we all strive for.

By taking the time to inquire questions, emphasize their expertise, and share their own story together along with your crowd, you develop a relationship which promotes mutual gain. They’ll certainly be delighted to talk about their very particular interview across their social networks as well as link to it out of their website.

Interview content can be simple to gather. Simply hit out into the influencer or company proprietor to ensure they’re onboard, send them a list of questions, and then publish the following questions and answers in your own website.

No need to spend hours exploring and composing a gigantic piece of article. Having this particular kind of ego bait content strategy, you’re able to create excellent articles fast and generate links and traffic potentially instantly.

2. Round up Posts

Much round-up posts are like interviews featuring specialists on your market and discuss stories or their expertise with your own crowd.

The distinction here is a roundup article includes several Influencers and on average comprises shorter quotes as opposed to extensive interview questions.

After developing a roundup article, you will first need to consider a topic that is of interest. If you are a family law attorney, you might have to call on specialists that help people handle divorce, like teachers, motivational speakers, and writers.

You may build a piece of material which allows the participants to talk about stories or their tips. From the example above, that may be “10 pros share the way to get over a divorce” or “These divorcees found love again.”

You will then have to contact participants and encourage them to talk about the article and connect in their content to it.

3. Listicles

A listicle, is a piece of article which highlights the “best of” for a specific market, or produces a detailed collection of tools, services and products, or influencers for users to read/buy/follow.

A Good Example of a listicle may be”10 most useful health apps”, “50+ strategies to boost your digital marketing campaign 2019”. Such articles are tremendously enlightening and beneficial to users and eventually your website as well.

In a ego bait listicle, you’ll be speaking about numerous Influencers or company people as a way to stroke their egos and also make them participate with your articles. The Objective is to create content which they’d feel honored to be included in. This is exactly the reason your articles ought to really be well-researched and irresistible.

You will want to select a subject that is of attention to your audience and also certainly can entice links from quality websites in your niche.

4. Directories

Contrary to popular belief, directories may be a kind of ego bait content as well. Directories are also an excellent source of lead generation for your own small enterprise.

For Example, if you generate business from local contractors, you might choose to develop a directory of builders in the area. That way, you can build partnerships help them create traffic. You can benefit from the advantages.

Obviously, you might not want to devote limelight to lead competitions, therefore be careful in choosing who to incorporate on your directory. It’s ideal to produce a resource of companies that’ll send you direct leads and will not be placed out by connecting back to your site.

5. Awards

Nothing is quite as attractive until it comes to awards for all those organizations you appreciate the most.  Awards are a way of calling attention from associations, thought leaders, and even companies in your own industry.

To succeed as a link building approach you may need to take the opportunity and have note of exactly everything that causes them to be exceptional. Highlight their own years of experience they’ve served their community or even perhaps the outcome they’ve gotten to their clientele.

The award might be as straightforward as an informative article on your own website or might include a picture that is custom designed to commemorate the moment. Just make certain the award fits in exactly what your business benefits and the receiver adding value as a whole.

Do not view it as a backlink opportunity because many companies have the ability to see through it. Use this tactic as a networking chance and bring attention to businesses that are doing well.

When implemented this form of ego bait content is probably going to push visitors to your site and bring in some backlinks.

Utilizing EGO Bait to bring backlinks & generate leads:

As soon as you familiarize yourself It will soon be simpler to ascertain which type is reasonable for the targets and also the influencers you’re currently attempting to reach.

However, until you begin composing, it is worth getting the time to create a set of connections which you wish to “bait” and creating a new plan on how you’re getting to build shares, links, and also leads.

paper pen

Step 1: Make a list

Much like any link construction campaign, you need to make sure that you just are currently targeting supreme quality sites.

Few things to consider are: the key words they’re ranking for, How much traffic that they get, how important their website is within the opinion of search engine results, and also if their website is pertinent for your industry. Because getting in touch with the influencers or organisations that have to interest in your content or are not related to the topic and industry. Surely this type of content and efforts will have no useful and desired result.

As soon as you have created the listing of sites to contact, make the irresistible content and start with your ego bait content.

Step 2: Your Topic

You need to understand similarities and several tendencies from the data you have included in your checklist. This can allow you to decide which kind of ego bait content will likely probably soon be effective. For Example, in case the majority of the sites on your own listing are these of industry experts build a round-up post out or for Industry specialists, you might choose to produce a succession of interviews. However, if the added list has business selling goods then a directory or creating a listicle would be a good idea.

You will want to pick a subject that makes sense for the website you’re currently targeting and also your own audience.

The subject needs to be of interest and enticing for your viewers enough to invite participants to share your own content and to connect straight back to. You might desire to perform research to guarantee that the issue is conducive to generating traffic.

Step 3: Reach

By this point you should:

  • Have a solid list of contacts to reach out to.
  • A killer ego bait content idea.

Depending on the type of content you wish to go after you should have by now made a list and got all the data organized. So, you should start to get in touch with them as per your strategy.

Step 4: Produce your ego bait content

As the name suggest CONTENT so this part is where the entire strategy will be at a make it or break it stage. For all your efforts to work and show the desired result it is recommended and needed that you produce an exceptionally irresistible content. A content that not only the mentioned but also everyone else would love to get involved with and share within their respective communities.

Step5: Followup

In case you gave a heads-up to participants prior to producing your content, they ought to be expecting one to follow-up after the material is published. This is supposed to be your ultimate try at asking to get a link-back or even a talk.

Now that you have an understanding of some good and quality linking back ways that will help you and the one getting mentioned. Why not get your thinking hat ready to think for some out of the box content creation ideas.

You can also get in touch with Krea8iv Solutions to help you further in this and any of the digital marketing aspect that you need an assistance with.


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