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  • 6th March 2019
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Boost your business with these seo trends 2019 that are easy to implement but the results can do wonders for your business online growth.

You can’t deny that Search Engine Optimization is a vital tool to empower your company. Perhaps maybe never having your website, or if it’s not performing well in the search engines. Surely it is one of the worst things that you can do to your business in the online world. It is just as if you own a house on a deserted island where no one will come to meet you.

As per the latest statistics of Internet Live, there’s the average of 3.5 billion Google searches per day worldwide, and 64 percent of user; use Google to decide for their ‘I-want-to-buy’ moment. Yes, making an accurate strategy and executing accurate seo can be quite a undertaking. But make your search engine optimization tactics right and you’re going to be seeing your company skyrocket in leads and earnings.

Even though Google might have become an adjective rather than a new internet search engine, also it will have an inclination. Which is clear, it really desires to become the very best search engine. Therefore it is no wonder why that it wants us to ensure we’re offering the best websites/business. To enhance them for better user experience from time to time. Every year there are search engine optimization trends that will need to be executed, upgrades that people will need to understand and to think about. The thing about those trends is that they are going to empower your brand as well as your company to take a seat down above the remainder.

So relax and read the seo trends in 2019 to know and implement to boost your businesses.

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User Intent

Do you really understand your audience?

There are companies who are not really aware of the details associated with their users. To start off with it has to be the devices they use, the social media platforms used to search for them. Or perhaps the content they like and many other points can be added to the list.  In case you do not understand who you are talking to or what problem your service or product is solving it’s really a major disadvantage and loss of the online presence for your business.

By knowing exactly the phrases and keywords your audience is typing to get an answer for, it is possible to ensure your making your website of use and are replying to them at the best manner.  This is where the difference between an ordinary seo strategy and a result oriented seo strategy comes in. What exactly is your audience currently trying to find, and the reason why? Do you realize the reason? There have been strategies reeling people to reach the website. Once they do they detect the website does not offer exactly what they truly are actually trying to find. This method can impact negatively for your business both from the search engine consoles and also the user.

The belief in 2019 is your Internet site ought to be written for its own audience, and it really can be just a section of one’s search engine optimization strategy to work accurately.

Voice Search

Technology moves fast in our modern era, and also getting to grips with voice search will start to play a part. In how we optimize our websites for this technology update, how we write articles, and performance of our websites. By 2020, 30% of internet browsing will be done without a screen as per a review by Gartner. Though the voice search is in its early days and there is still time until it grasps us completely. To be sure that we are optimizing our websites for this we’ve got to know that many users are asking questions and requiring replies, as opposed to searching for certain services or products.

Through the keyword research of voice search, we could detect the questions we’re asking and ensure that our websites have the content that is appropriate and these replies. This is can potentially be a game changer seo strategy for many.

Quality Content

Content is King‘ is your most famous search engine optimization term on the planet and it holds true even today just like it did in past and it will in the future (probably).

Excellent content was affecting search engine optimization trends since the Panda algorithm of Google started. Content that is amazing isn’t hard, although it might be considered described as a statement. It’s only because there have been many websites carrying it out poorly and certainly not understanding the effects.

In fact, when you set it into provisions, content that is favoring makes sense. We love enjoying a fantastic novel, watching movies and reading stories, so why wouldn’t we wish the same when it comes to the online world. Our nature requires us to be story tellers, and Google is ensuring that we consider that when making our seo strategies. We need to make our efforts for the humans so we need to do in a human way and not use automated technologies and robots for the services.

For a moment to make it easier to understand, forget the seo section and concentrate on making content that is helpful to the audience. You help the user and it will surely be rewarded back to you in terms of higher rankings.

Video Dominance

You have to check the boom which took place in 2018 to comprehend that if you aren’t using video you want to reconsider it. In regards to seo tendencies for video might be shocking in 2019. Video content is flourishing, and this tendency does not appear that it will discontinue in 2019.

Based on Cisco, it forecasted that video will turn into a magnet for 75 percent of traffic by 2020. With 60 percent of users seeing over two minutes of videos, it appears that video can be really actually just a now or never plan you ought to really be harnessing. Make video based content that is enjoyable and engaging regardless of the service or product you’ve got; from adding content to tutorials and guides into product pages. Consider it this way; all of us are busy so watching a video and understanding it is much easier and quicker as compared to lengthy articles.

Optimizing for Local SEO

This might look like such a clear Search Engine Optimisation trend.Ensuring Your Site is optimized locally will assist you to catch clients and fundamentally be utilized for local terms. In research it found that 50 percent of users who ran a search locally visited the store within a day.


Of course we are looking for a thing that is near or within our area because it makes life easier. Sufficient reason for 46 percent of searches on Google searching info that is local, it must ask why few aren’t currently taking good advantage of this penetration? The tendency is ongoing with brands embracing improvements to better their ranks. By including a live inventory of stock to encourage clients to visit their stores.

It is no longer about incorporating the location that is ideal setting and phrases up your My Google Business Page, it’s today about adding features to your own site which may enhance that search.

Mobile Indexing

Since March 2018, Google has been constantly emphasizing on mobile indexing and rewarding sites using this. This trend will greatly affect your rankings and websites in 2019, so if you already have taken all the precautionary measures. You need not to worry anything, however, if you haven’t then perhaps it’s still not very late for you to act and maintain your rankings or gain higher spots.


Now that you are aware of some of the major seo trends 2019 why not start to implement them. Or you can also get in touch with Krea8iv Solutions – a digital marketing agency that has all the solutions for your online business needs. To make and implement an seo strategy that will make sure your business is the next talk of the town in all the positive manner. Making you reach the ultimate success heights for your business.

Download the presentation of seo trends in 2019 from our slideshare.

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