B2B Content Marketing Strategies for generating leads

One thing commonly seen is that many companies select a digital marketing agency in manchester merely for content marketing service.

The reason behind this simply because they think that content marketing is meant for brand building exercises. However, that is not the right perception as rightly implemented and targeted “content marketing strategies” can bring in a lot of leads. Not just bring them but also convert them in sales. It is also one of the major ranking factors that all the leading search engine consoles take into consideration. As Google states “content is king”. So, you simply can’t look over this major website ranking seo factor.

Below are some content marketing ideas for B2B lead generations:


If in-case the business community is one of your potential clients then creating an E-book can do wonders for your business. It is a known fact that the people sitting on the lead positions of an organization also plays the role of a strategist, meaning they are in the lookout for new and practical ideas. This can be one great opportunity for you to strike and creating an E-book is one content marketing idea that can bring in some business for you.

Capturing leads through the e-book?

Having a landing page that has a less complex form can be a great idea to start with. You only need to make sure that not many unnecessary fields are present in the form. Simply because you know your target audience (business community especially) will not be interested in filling out a lot details which are not needed or could have been left out. So, if you plan to generate leads and convert them in your favor that creating a landing page with a perfect form is the answer to that. You can give a glimpse of what you have written in the book to increase anticipation of reading it further.


Do you know a speaker who can give out much needed and resourceful information to your target audience. If yes, then hosting a webinar can be a great strategy if you are focusing on B2B business. The attendees should be enriched with highly resourceful information which is of immense value and benefit in the practical lives.

How can you capture lead through this method:

First of all, building a sign-up page and asking questions that can help you in analyzing the need and expectation of your attendees can be very helpful. You can make a simple questionnaire or make it in steps to further get a focused and specific single point agenda.

You can also give a brief of the speaker and other highlights just to spark the anticipation in your target audience. Giving them a reason and point to attend it or else they will be missing out on a big thing. This can be easily shown and implemented if your speaker is someone people would love to listen to and is highly regarded in that specific webinar topic.

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Publishing White Papers but in frequent intervals

White papers are a great source to generate leads. Though many consider it to be an outdated one, it commands great potential till this date.

What should be the style of content in a White Paper?

To increase the chances that your customer buys your white paper you need make sure that the content written in not only highly informative but also should cover a wide and almost all angles. The content should be completely research-centric and not biased or limited to an extent.

Generating business through the white paper

Title – this can literally either make or break things for you. Writing an attractive and catchy headline is the key to grab the attention of your customers. In any case the white papers needs to portray you as the leader a master in the subject that you are generating the white paper for.

Generating leads by producing white papers is one of the popular content marketing techniques recommended for companies that focuses on the B2B segment.

Visual content

Without a doubt it is one method that never fails and always deliver more successful results that expected and other forms of the content marketing strategies. To further enhance the greatness of this form one can simply pit it as even a mediocre content if combined and presented in a perfect manner can give better results than a long text only article or information. However, that does not mean that just adding pictures to any content can do the trick. Both of them needs to be relevant and in sync to make it a success.

Infographics being one of the major trend setter and successful methods of all times.

How to capture leads through visual content?

Though visual content, don’t add too much of graphics on the landing page. Include minimal graphics and precise content that outlines the key takeaways of the content produced. Let not the landing page speed come down because of the images and other visual elements incorporated in the landing page.

Above mentioned are some of the ways for the b2b “content marketing ideas” to generate leads. However, one undeniable thing is to have the best content marketing strategy being implemented. As without a properly executed plan the path itself cannot do anything.

You can hire a digital marketing agency in manchester that offers content marketing services or you can simply hire a content writer.

But one thing is sure that content is one of the major calculating factors in search engine consoles to rank higher. So, you surely would not wish to miss out on that or compromise, which will eventually put you at risk of not achieving the desired results.

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