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  • 14th November 2019
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Taking a look at this seo guide for the evolution of search engine optimization over the years and its future will give us a fair idea of what’s in store for us. Today search engine optimization has changed completely and there are many techniques that are not widely used, recommended of in much practice now. Especially with the advent of voice search and YouTube videos things have changed to a greater extent. However, still you cannot proclaim that seo is somewhat dead. Though the digital marketing experts needs to be on their toes to cope with all the changes and developments.

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The world of digital marketing is ever so changing with every passing day, the algorithms of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others changing and getting advanced. Just adds up to the betterment of user search and focuses on quality, giving all the deserving business the fair chance to grown; that were suppressed back in time by the business using not recommended methods to rank. 

For beginners the word seo basically is a way to make your website perform better so it can rank higher in search engines and grow your business ultimately. By following the guidelines and performing certain legal activities you can make your website search engine friendly.

What is SEO and why you need it for your business?

There are many ways you can define search engine optimization and everyone sees it in their own perspective. There is no one by the book definition however in very simple terms one can say that it is the art and science of ranking higher in search engines, so users can easily find your business/blog when they search for a query (keyword).  

As you know, search engines offer the platform to extract particular information on almost anything existing in the world. Users generally type in some text known as keyword or key phrase in the search box and get the most relevant information on that keyword in the form of listed web pages. Have you ever wondered how and why these web pages appear in that sequence for a particular keyword?

If your website contains good quality, original, fresh and relevant content to the query (keyword) being search by a user. Along with a handsome number of high-quality inbound links from other similar websites the search engine will automatically display your website to the user searching for it. 

Now, we can provide a more advanced definition of SEO which is the process of optimizing your website (or setting it right) according to the preferences of search engines through the implementation of some techniques both on and off the site, so that it obtains a high ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

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SEO – Advantages & Impact

Preferring search engine optimization can deliver a number of advantages and positive impacts for your website. These benefits are never ending and a long list, however some of the much relevant and important ones can be:

  1. With millions of searches every day the chances of gaining a potential customer is very high, so if you website is not fully optimized and not following the search engine preferences, surely you are losing a big share of your market.      
  2. Conventional adverting and promotional techniques have an impact and reach to a limit, however this online marketing boundaries spread globally. Meaning that you can have your business serving globally ultimately increasing your exposure, business growth and profits.
  3. Search engine optimization can open the door to nonstop generation of revenues through increased web traffic and sales. When your website obtains top ranks for all your profitable keywords, it becomes highly visible among millions of search engine users.

SEO – The Past, Present & Future

Without a doubt the experts of the field needs to be on their toes and cope with the changes and developments of the field and search engines to make sure they are on top of the game.

The Past

Back in the time when it was in its early days in the 90’s experts used to pay more attention towards the on-page techniques and not much to the methods involved in the off-page technique. We will discuss of these later in this article. All these marketers were exchanging links with the other websites freely bringing traffic and other results easily. Also the fact that banner ads were quite popular during this time just added more advantage to it.

Then came the 2000’s, the era that saw a rise in unprincipled, unfair and not following the search engines’ preferences/guidelines to rank higher; an era where marketers did all possible means to gain results. Without paying attention to authentic ways which is why the link building (off-page) activities gained more attention and crossed the on-page activities use. 

Later in the same decade the introduction of social media channels and many other services came into being, and Google became the widely used and popular search engine.

The Present

The current scenario that is clearly seen is that the concept, use and implementation of SEO is in full swing. Regardless, of the business size it is the fundamental need of every business to gain potential customers and grow in the market to be the leader. Various methods and techniques have either been called off permanently and not in use, or they have been modified and changed for the better.  

The completion to rank for keywords like 2-word phase is increasing day by day; the same 2-word phase that had searches of few hundreds has now converted into thousands. Ultimately, increasing the competition for the business to rank in the top spots of the search engines.

This implies that only the best of the best techniques by the digital marketing agencies in Europe and Asia other parts of the world can guarantee the rankings. Meaning that ranking higher for a keyword is not a catwalk anymore, you have to bring something bigger and better on the table.

The Future

In the future, search engines will start to present search results that can be controlled locally. Though noteworthy progress has already been made in this regard by Google, it would be more prevalent in the days to come. Browser-specific results will also be witnessed. Link building will continue its growing streak, but the evaluation of links will get trickier with the advent of more complicated search engine algorithms and link determination factors. On-page optimization will get back to the popularity chart with mounting emphasis on cutting down the website size. Video search will grow in stature with the potential to become the most preferred choice of online marketing.

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What are the different processes of SEO?

  • Preliminary Analysis of Website

The typical process of search engine optimization starts with the analysis of the present status of the website. Various aspects of the site are closely examined to find out potential problems that need to be sorted out. The content on different web pages is reviewed for duplication and for the presence of keywords. If the present list of keywords is found inadequate, a new list of profitable keywords is prepared. Various important on-page factors that are evaluated during the preliminary website analysis are discussed below.

  • Keyword Research

Keyword research is the technique employed to investigate and find out potential search phrases that people use to extract information from search engines. Some of the popular tools for keyword research include Google Keyword Tool, Google Webmaster Tools, Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Trends and many others. This technique must be able to produce keywords that have good search volume and potential capability to compete. Keyword research is also termed as the fundamental principle of web page optimization.

  • On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is usually carried out on the website itself and aims at rectifying a number of potential website problems. It has quicker and straighter bearings on SEO results than off-page optimization that takes some time to show effects. On-page optimization takes into account the text and content on various web pages. There are several on page factors that must be addressed properly to make your website search engine friendly. While optimizing your web pages, you must stay away from hidden link or text, cloaking (two versions of the same site for search engine robots and users), and duplicate content.

On Page Factors

Various on-page factors include:

  • Search engine optimized web page URLs in your site.
  • Meta Tags optimization of title, description and keywords.
  • Link optimization that includes the use of proper anchor text, clean internal linking between various web pages, linking between the home page and other major web pages, and avoidance of broken or dead links.
  • Image optimization that includes the presence of ALT text or Alternate Text to depict site images, use of purposeful file names for images, use of image title and image linking.
  • Keyword optimization that includes the use of proper keywords on web pages, modest keyword density, use of synonyms or other pertinent keywords on web pages, etc.
  • Vital HTML tags such as header tags (h1, h2, h3), bold (strong) and italic (em). Make sure that there are no errors and warnings in the HTML code.
  • Implementation of sitemap to ensure the indexing of all web pages by search engines.
  • Original and high quality page content.
  • Browser compatibility for smooth functioning of all web page elements on all browsers.
  • Fast loading of website

Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization involves SEO techniques that enhance your site visibility and link popularity with the help of several external sources. It is all about generating quality backlinks from other websites in massive numbers. The higher the number of quality backlinks for your website, the better ranking your site gets in search engines compared to competitors.

(A)   One-Way Backlink Techniques

Directory Submission: It is the technique of submitting a website, its address and description to a large number of web directories that allow webmasters to list their websites in the most appropriate category or sub-category. Some of the large and well-known directories include DMOZ (open directory project), Google and Yahoo. Submitting your website to these directories is very essential from SEO point of view.

Article Submission: It is another effective off-page optimization technique that can create more one-way back-links to your website. In this technique, well-written articles related your products, services or industry are submitted to hundreds of article directories. When these articles get approved, more and more potential customers can read them to enrich their knowledge as well as click on the link to visit your website. All the articles must be informative and should not contain promotional materials in the title and body.

Press Release Distribution: It is a great way to let your prospective clients know about the special events, developments, offerings and accomplishments happened in your online business. Various press releases highlighting the important features of the website are submitted to online PR directories to give maximum exposure to your business.

Blog Posting: Blogs and blog posts play a significant role in search engine optimization due to their search engine friendliness. They can be enriched with good-quality content as well as links back to your website. Regularly updated blogs can attract a lot of readers as well as potential customers for your website. Blogging is a popular activity on the Internet nowadays with countless blogging websites to server your purpose.

Blog Commenting: Commenting on various blogs related to your business theme is a good way to build one-way backlinks. In blog commenting, you’ll receive a free and open invitation to keep your website link. However, your comments must be meaningful, appealing and related to the subject of the blog. It is said that 3 blog comments are equivalent to additional 100 inbound links per month. So, always search popular blogs posted on high quality blogging websites for commenting.

Forum Discussions: Since search engines index various forum websites frequently, participating in forum discussions can be a good source of generating backlinks with the anchor text of your preference. It is also beneficial from site traffic standpoint. Visit popular and active forums having relevancy to your business and take part in discussions by replying to existing threads. The more time you spend in forums, the more popular you will be among fellow members. Always put links back to your website in your signature.

Social Bookmarking: It is used extensively in search engine optimization to augment your site visibility and promote your online business. There are many social bookmarking websites like Digg and where you can submit stories or bookmarks containing your website link. Make your bookmarks public so that others can view and follow them to build strong online social networks. Always prefer websites that offer do-follow links to help your SEO endeavors.

(B)   Two-Way Link Building

Reciprocal Link Exchange: Reciprocal links are also known as link exchanges, link swaps and link partners. These links are obtained when two websites having similar business theme agree to link to one another. A good amount of reciprocal links can boost your search engine position and site traffic alike. However, you must not overdo this technique. Search in Google to find the list of link exchange websites that provides information on webmasters who regularly swap links with one another. Never go for automated link exchanging to avoid the situation of being involved in link firms that link to completely dissimilar websites.

(C)   Three-Way Link Building

Three-Way Reciprocal Link Exchange: This form of link exchange involves three websites instead of two. Though it is practiced on a limited scale, you can give your link exchange a more natural look with it. In three-way link exchange, three distinct websites must be present. For instance, A, B, and C are three websites. Here, A links to B, B links to C and C links to A. Elaborating further, B receives a one-way link from A, but doesn’t link back to it. Similarly, C receives a link from B, but doesn’t reciprocate the same to B. A receives a link from C without linking back to it. You can say three-way link exchange is arranged to hide reciprocal link exchange.

Pay Per Click Strategies

Website Traffic Generation Techniques

Social Bookmarking & Social Networking

Social bookmarks let you to share your favorite websites with other individuals by means of bookmarking or tagging them. There are sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon to create social bookmarks for your online business. However, do not promote your website excessively to bear the wrath of some service providers. You should only bookmark your most excellent pages, blogs and articles to increase traffic to your website.

On the other hand, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace can promote your products or services in a great way. Just create accounts on those websites particularly for your offerings and update the information regularly. Add surveys, contests, polls and newsletters to arouse interests of people in your business.

Video Promotion

Video promotion or video marketing can ensure constant flow of prospective clients to your website. Visual aids are an effective means to capture the attention of people. Post interesting videos related to your business that can generate interests among the viewers to go for your products or services. YouTube is the prominent website where you can share your videos. Others include DailyMotion, Google Video, Vimeo etc.

PPC or Pay-per-Click Promotion

PPC advertising services are an alternate to organic search engine optimization. When it becomes difficult to bring your website into the first or second page of search engines for targeted keywords, you can opt for paid searches or sponsored links through Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing. Just select your keywords and determine how much you are ready to pay the hosts when a user clicks on your sponsored links or ads. You can acquire a top position in paid searches by paying the highest price for every click.

Article Marketing

Online article marketing is a free way of generating substantial traffic to your website. It involves promoting products or services through the powerful medium of article directories. The majority of article directories witness voluminous traffic and are highly regarded by search engines. So, submit your articles to many different article directories simultaneously to gain good amounts of traffic straightway. Search in Google to get the list of top 50 or top 100 article directories for submission.

Press Release Marketing

When you want to publish some newsworthy events, offerings or achievements of your website, press release marketing is the most popular choice. You can create good traffic for your site by submitting press releases to many PR websites concurrently. However, all the PRs you submit must be attention-grabbing to have productive press release marketing. Some of the popular PR websites consist of PR Log, i-newswire, Pr Log, Press Release Point, Online Pr News and so on. 

The need for search engine optimization can never be denied and the it is without a doubt need of the hour for all business sizes. The techniques have developed largely over the years and there are many others that either have not been discussed above because this article was looking more over the steady developments and old school. However, the end result has to be that you need to do all the needful homework in order to make sure that you rank higher in search engines as per your needs and requirements of the business. Or you can always hire a digital marketing agency to look over you business growth needs.

There are many such agencies working due to the increase in demand of such services, all you need to do is look for the one that suits your needs in the best of manner, without being a burden on your budget and delivering the desired results.

Krea8iv Solutions is one such digital marketing agency in manchester that can be a one-stop solution for all your business growth needs. So, if you think you are need of such an agency get in touch with us today to make sure you are the next talk of the town in the best of manner and your business can reach the ultimate height of success it deserves.

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